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Ben Carson Responds to Letters from Students and Teachers in Cairo, Il

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson has responded to letters written by students and teachers in Cairo, Illinois over the impending demolition of two apartment complexes.

In a letter to Cairo Superintendent Andrea Evers, Carson wrote that there are limited options to preserve the apartments with a “nearly bankrupt housing authority.” Evers said HUD decided to tear down McBride and Elmwood apartments last month, but a sixth grade teacher’s conversation with her students motivated further action by sending letters to Carson.

“They talked about who to use your voice with and the children knew that the highest person in HUD was secretary Carson so they went straight to the top and asked for help with coming up with the solutions,” Evers said.

In less than five months, around 400 people will be expected to move out of the buildings. Each family is working with a relocation specialist. Carson acknowledged in his letter that people might have to leave their hometown.

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