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Watkins Calls Bevin’s Consulting Group Pension Recommendations “Outrageous”


Kentucky Democratic State Representative Gerald Watkins called the recommendations for solving the state’s pension debt crisis “outrageous” and “appalling.” 

He said Governor Matt Bevin’s hired consulting group made recommendations that violate the rights of members of the Kentucky Retirement Systems. 

Watkins said he supports a bill advocating for the separation of the County Employees Retirement System from Kentucky Retirement Systems.

CERS wants to “take the politics out of it and so they can manage the money themselves and run the pension plan themselves and that’s what Senate Bill 226 would do,” said Watkins.

The bill would also allow CERS retirees to participate in the Kentucky Employees Health Plan. According to Kentucky League of Cities, CERS makes up 73% of the assets and 62% of the employee membership of KRS.

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