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Kentucky Supreme Court Issues Custody/Visitation Modifications Order

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  The Kentucky Supreme Court issued a set of orders temporarily changing visitation/custodial arrangements for children in the commonwealth, in light of the “COVID-19 emergency.”

The order, which was agreed upon by all sitting justices, states guardians should maintain the custodial/visitation agreements issued by their family court judge unless the child is in danger of being exposed to the virus.


The order temporarily suspends for 14 days the parenting time for: 


  • Any person who tests positive for COVID-19, or shares a home with someone who tests positive

  • Any person who has been advised that he or she, or someone with whom he or she shares a home, may possibly have been exposed to COVID-19; 

  • Any person who has within the last 14 days traveled to any area with a Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) Level 2 or Level 3 travel advisory

The order further requires any person who fits into the categories above immediately notify the other parent. Any person whose parenting time is suspended as a result of the order shall be granted “liberal communication” with the child or children, unless otherwise stated in the original custodial agreement.


The order reads in part, “The Supreme Court acknowledges that this is a rapidly evolving situation and respectfully asks all parties with a custody or parenting time order for patience and cooperation as we work to balance court access with public health.”


The order was entered onto the record March 27 and is effective until April 24, 2020, or until further order of the court. 

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