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Over $4 million going to sure up Marion water supply two years after water crisis

Over $4 million dollars in state funding is going to aid a far western Kentucky community that suffered a critical water shortage in 2022.

Two of the state’s Community Development Block Grants prioritized for Kentucky public facilities are going to aid the community of Marion. The project support was announced this week alongside eight grants for other water and sewer infrastructure projects across the state.

The Crittenden County seat is getting $1.2 million dollars to up the storage capacity of the city’s water treatment plant.  Also, just under $2.9 million dollars will go to the Livingston County Fiscal Court to increase the capacity of the Crittenden-Livingston Water District — which will help the system to better serve its customers and allow more water to go to Marion. 

Local officials in the far western Kentucky community drained Lake George in 2022 after a sinkhole was found in its levee, causing a months' long water shortage.  

Marion officials hope to work with local partners to fully restore its primary water supply in the coming years. 

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