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UK Public Health Chair Says Attitudes On Coronavirus Prevention Can Change


Coronavirus is continuing to impact day to day activities for people all across Kentucky.  For many people, their attitude about disease prevention may have changed as well.  Marc Kiviniemi is chair of the University of Kentucky’s Department of Health, Behavior, and Society. 

Kiviniemi said the easing of public restrictions places more emphasis on individual decision making. “Now as various states go through re-opening plans, you know the pandemic hasn’t gone away, but we are transitioning to a point where prevention is really going to require individuals choosing to take different kind of preventive actions,” said Kiviniemi.

While there are varying opinions about the use of facial masks, Kiviniemi says from a public health standpoint, it absolutely should be done.  And the public health professor noted personal experience with the new disease can make decisions about prevention easier.  

Here's much more with Marc Kiviniemi on attitudes about coronavirus: