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McConnell Speaks Against Baucus Plan

By Lisa Autry / Angela Hatton

Washington, D. C. – A long-awaited Senate version of the U-S healthcare reform bill is out today. Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus, a Democrat, is releasing his own proposal after bipartisan negotiations broke down. The 880-billion-dollar bill so far doesn't have any Republican support. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky spoke this morning on the Senate floor.

"Even without a government plan, these proposals would impose new taxes on small businesses and on individuals."

The plan requires all individuals to purchase health coverage or pay a fine. The bill calls for co-ops to compete with private insurance companies, and it would bar insurance company practices like higher costs for people with serious health problems. In addition to Republican opposition, some liberals are not on board with the Baucus Plan because it lacks a public option.