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Kentuckians Finding COVID Safe Places in Nature

Courtesy LBL

  Nature is receiving a boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. With more people confined to their homes and avoiding large crowds, the backyard is taking on new significance.

"A few simple steps can transform your space into a wildlife refuge, " said John Pollpeter, the lead naturalist with Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. "Things like food, water, shelter, space are the four different things you need ot kind of consider, but one thing people can do is to leave a little space in your backyard, a little corner and maybe leave it a little wild, let it grow up a little bit and leave some...old logs, maybe an old tree, as long as it's safe, many animals can utilize that for their habitat."

Pollpeter says birdwatching, hiking, and spending time outdoors creates a COVID safe zone, and has been shown to improve mental health.

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