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From Trump's nickname to Commander Biden's bad behavior, can you beat the news quiz?

Who's a bad boy (allegedly)?
Brandon Bell/Getty Images, Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images
Who's a bad boy (allegedly)?

There's an eclipse in October! There were lots of eclipses this week, too. Taylor Swift and her penumbra of hype eclipsed maybe-beau Travis Kelce by showing up at one of his games and eating a food. The end of the writers strike dueled for attention with President Joe Biden's visit to a UAW picket line. And the GOP debates were overshadowed by who wasn't there.

In less-exciting astronomy news, there's another supermoon. August was peak supermoon! Does anyone care about the last one of the year?

Meanwhile, other stuff happened. Can you eclipse your prior quiz performance by finally scoring an 11 out of 11?

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Holly J. Morris
Holly J. Morris works on NPR's Training team. She was an editor at The Washington Post Express, National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report, and a college teacher.