11 Year Old Entrepreneur Starts Apparel Business in Madisonville

Dec 15, 2014

Credit Anyah's Creative Colors, Facebook Page

Anyah Logan is 11 years old. She loves to ride her bike, play with friends and sew for fun. She's also the owner of a tie-dye apparel business in Madisonville and an interactive marketplace online. She wowed the city's 1 Million Cups of Coffee entrepreneur group with a presentation over the summer. On Sounds Good, Kate Lochte meets Anyah Logan and her mom Yvonne.

Anyah's Creative Colors specializes in tie-dye clothing, banners and bedsheets. She says all of her designs are unique, no design is the same. She saw a tie-dye shirt in the store with some friends one day and thought "I could do something like that" and it took off from there.

Her mom, Yvonne, says members of City Hall gave her some curious looks when she went to apply for a business license. She recalls the woman helping her to fill out the form said she'd been working with applicants for a long time, but never anyone so young.

Credit Anyah's Creative Colors, Facebook Page

"My parents taught me to own my own business and to be an entrepreneur. My dad works out of home and he works long hours. So I wanted to start a family business so we could all be together as a family. And I wanted to be my own boss."

She says her challenges are publicity, getting out there and letting people know about her products.

There is currently an offer for the holidays. Anyah Logan says she wants to give back to her community and for every five shirts she sells will donate one shirt to kids at a local hospital.

For kids who want to start their own business, Anyah says, "Follow your dreams and do whatever you're good at. If you like math you can be a math tutor, if you like jewelry, you can be a jewelry maker. If you have different things that you like, you can do anything you want with those things."

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