Bevin Responds To Rival’s Call For Labor Sec. Firing Over Blackjewel: “Beshear Is A Buffoon”

Aug 3, 2019

Gov. Matt Bevin greets attendees at a GOP Rally in Murray on Friday, ahead of the Fancy Farm Picnic
Credit Matt Markgraf / WKMS

Republican Governor Matt Bevin says his Democratic rival is “a buffoon” in response to a call for the firing of the state Labor Cabinet secretary over Blackjewel coal and unpaid miners

Attorney General Andy Beshear tweeted Friday that secretary David Dickerson failed to secure a bond from the bankrupt coal company. He said the bond could have paid eastern Kentucky miners protesting the company demanding they receive back pay. 

Bevin told media before a GOP rally in Murray Friday night he didn’t realize Beshear was asking for Dickerson’s firing.

"That's a level of desperation that's surprising,” he said. “I don't even understand the logic behind it. It doesn't make a lick of sense. Andy Beshear is a buffoon. If that's the kind of stuff that he's doing. What's his plan to actually run this state?"

Beshear attended a nearby Democratic event where he reiterated his demand and led the crowd to chant “you’re fired.” 

The bitter political rivals will share the stage at the Fancy Farm Picnic on Saturday.