Challenges Ahead For Medical Marijuana In Kentucky

Sep 23, 2019


Hundreds gathered in Lexington Monday, brought together by the Foundation For A Healthy Kentucky to discuss the challenges and possibilities of medical marijuana in Kentucky.

Lexington anesthesiologist Dr. Danesh Mazloomdoost said there hasn’t been enough research to support the use of marijuana as a medicine.

“And the concern that  the medical community has is when we talk about medications, we're talking about specific conditions, specific dosages, and contraindications, people that should not be taking it,” he said.

He said until the science catches up to widespread support for legalization it’s best to stay away from language that implies some medicinal use.

Andrew Freeman oversaw Colorado’s effort to legalize marijuana. He says Kentucky needs to focus on the public health implications of making marijuana more accessible.

“And so that means that you are really focusing on the 20% of the users that really could become substance abusers and making sure you have the correct preventative measures in place but also have substance abuse treatment measures in place.”

Freeman also suggests an early focus on restricting advertisement for marijuana with clear standards and regulations to make sure vulnerable populations are not targeted.