Gov. Bevin Visits Korea, Japan To Encourage Investment In Kentucky

Aug 29, 2018

Credit J. Tyler Franklin / WFPL

Governor Matt Bevin visited countries in east Asia this week in an effort to strengthen ties and encourage job creation and investment in Kentucky.

According to a release, Bevin was in South Korea on Wednesday and met with Korean business executives, trade and industry associations as well as the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris.


Five Korean businesses are operating or building a total of six facilities in the Commonwealth. Those operations employ nearly 400 people, according to Bevin’s office.


This year through June, Kentucky exported approximately $227 million in products and services to South Korea.

The governor also attended the National Governors Association Forum in Japan. Japan is Kentucky’s leading foreign director investor, with nearly 200 facilities in the Commonwealth.


Kentucky ranks second nationally in the percentage of jobs supported by Japanese foreign direct investment, according to the governor’s office. Japanese-owned companies employ approximately 45,000 Kentuckians.


Through June 2018, Kentucky exported approximately $16 billion in goods to all countries and ranks fifth in the U.S. for exports per capita.