Hemlock Semiconductor Closing Its Clarksville Plant

Dec 17, 2014

Credit http://www.hscpoly.com/

Hemlock Semiconductor is closing its Clarksville plant in Tennessee due to industry oversupply and international trade disputes. The plant’s approximately 50 workers will have the opportunity to relocate to other company or Dow Corning sites.

“As difficult as this is, the continued market adversity and complex political conditions have left no economically viable options for Hemlock Semiconductor to operate the site,” Hemlock President Denise Beachy said in a press release. “It is unfortunate for both the company and the community that these conditions have forced us to take this action.”  

The closure process begins immediately and the company is working with the Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council to possibly sell the site.

The company laid off three-fourths of its Clarksville workforce in 2013 before it was set to begin a $1.2 billion production of polycrystalline silicon.

Michigan-based Hemlock Semiconductor makes the silicon and chlorosilanes used in semiconductors and solar products.