Imes’ Proposed Constitutional Amendments for Elections, Regulations Advances in House

Jan 9, 2018

Rep. Kenny Imes
Credit LRC Public Information

Proposed amendments to the Kentucky constitution that would move elections for statewide officers to even-numbered years and grant the General Assembly broad powers to review executive branch regulations are moving forward in the House. 

Republican State Representative Kenny Imes of Murray sponsored both bills and chairs the House Committee that oversees constitutional amendments.

The proposals were reported favorably in committee and sent to the House this week.

House Bill 23 would change elections for governor and other state officers (Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Auditor of Public Accounts, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Agriculture, Labor and Statistics) to every four years following the November 2019 election. Elected officers in 2019 would serve a five-year term and the next election would be in November 2024. Imes has filed similar legislation in the past and has said the move would save the state and local governments millions of dollars.

House Bill 10 would amend the constitution to permit the General Assembly (or an agency or committee it creates) to "review, approve, or disapprove" of any executive administrative regulation. Administrative regulations that are disapproved "shall be void and unenforceable." Imes has said Kentucky has too many burdensome regulations.

If the bills pass the legislature, they would go to voters as ballot items.

The questions on the ballot would read:

"Are you in favor of holding the election of all statewide Constitutional officers in even-numbered years beginning in 2024 to save substantial state and local funds?"

"Do you agree that a government regulation issued without the final approval of the General Assembly may be voided by the General Assembly, or an agency or committee it creates or designates?"