Kentucky Democratic Party Files Ethics Complaints Against Calloway Judge/Executive

Sep 26, 2018

The Kentucky Democratic Party filed ethics complaints on Wednesday against Calloway County Judge/Executive Larry Elkins. The KDP claims Elkins, a Republican, is misusing taxpayer resources in his campaign for 5th District State Representative.

The party claims the contact information on Larry Elkins’ campaign website directed people to his judge/executive office in the courthouse.  

According to the complaints, a member of the KDP called the number listed on Elkins' campaign website, the call was answered in Elkins’ judge/executive office by a fiscal court employee. The KDP employee requested information about volunteering for Elkins’ campaign for state representative and said he got the number off of Elkins’ campaign website. The fiscal court employee then took down the KDP employee’s name and number and said Elkins would return the call at a later date, which he did, according to the complaint, using a fiscal court office phone number.

A screenshot of contact information on Larry Elkins' campaign website that KDP included in a release on Wednesday involving the complaints. The phone number, email address and mailing address are Elkins' judge/executive accounts and offices.
Credit Kentucky Democratic Party

The KDP filed complaints with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and the Calloway County Ethics Commission. They say his use of county resources for his campaign violates a county Code of Ethics ordinance and a state law involving campaign contribution restrictions.

Elkins told WKMS News in an emailed statement there was an error on his website that has been corrected and said he takes full responsibility. “I hope we can get past playing I got you and get on with taking care of the people's business,” he said.

As of Wednesday night, the email address on Elkins' campaign website has changed to what appears to be a personal account, but the phone number and mailing address still go to his judge/executive office in the courthouse.

Screenshot taken by WKMS News of Elkins' contact information on his campaign website as of Wednesday night, after the complaints were filed. The email address has changed, but the phone number and mailing address are still to the office of the judge/executive.
Credit WKMS
This is a screenshot (taken Wednesday night by WKMS) of Judge Elkins' listing on the Calloway County Fiscal Court website, which shows the same phone number and mailing address as the one on his campaign website.
Credit WKMS

Elkins is retiring from his position as Judge/Executive after 20 years to run for District 5 state Rep. He faces Democrat David Ramey in November. Elkins was formerly a Democrat, turned Independent, now Republican. Current Dist. 5 state Rep. Kenny Imes is running for Judge/Executive. The 5th District includes Calloway County and part of Trigg County.