Kentucky May Join Effort to Amend U.S. Constitution

Feb 14, 2017


Kentucky may join a national movement that wants the U.S. Constitution amended at a national convention. A group known as Convention of States plans to lobby members of the General Assembly today in Frankfort.

State Representative Jim DeCesare has filed a resolution on the group’s behalf that calls for a national convention under Article-Five of the nation’s founding document. The Warren County Republican says the resolution is limited to just two amendments. One would require a balanced federal budget, like Kentucky and many other states require. The other amendment would give states sovereignty from federal mandates.

DeCesare has introduced similar resolutions in the past. He feels the environment may be right this year with a GOP governor, House, and Senate.

Twenty-eight state legislatures have approved resolutions, meaning supporters need to get it passed in six more states. If a national convention of states was held and the proposed amendments approved, they would still have to be ratified by voters.