Listen to WKMS News Documentary 'Western Kentucky Coal: Places, People, and Power'

Aug 27, 2013

Debuting Sunday, September 1 at 9 am

The words "Kentucky Coal" often summon images of the blackened faces of miners emerging from the dark pits of the eastern mountains. In fact, coal mining in the Commonwealth began long before, in the Western Coal Fields of the 1820s. Ever since, from the first mines of McLean's Drift Bank in Muhlenberg County, to the massive operations beneath many western counties, coal has been a major part of our region's life, its politics, and its economy. 

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WKMS News presents its next documentary offering, Western Kentucky Coal: Places, People, and Power. This hour-long program takes listeners on a journey through the mines of Union County, around the streets of a Muhlenberg County community lost to progress, and to the halls of power and research. We'll hear from the experts gauging coal's environmental and economic impact, from the scientists exploring coal's future, and from the lawmakers debating coal's place in our society.