Marshall Co. Senior Citizens Center Could Close Due To Budget Cuts

Jun 3, 2019

Credit Marshall County Senior Citizens center / Marshall County Senior Citizens Center, via Facebook (cropped)

The Marshall County Senior Citizens Center is warning they’ll have to close their doors if their funds are cut from a proposed county budget.

Director Paula Stamps said the proposed budget would divide $50,000 amongst all of the county’s nonprofits. The nonprofits last year received $217,000. She said the county hasn’t specified how the money will be divided.

“It breaks my heart that we even have to worry about this because our senior citizens in Marshall County deserve so much better than this,” Stamps said.

The center has two full-time employees and five others that provide meals to 50 homebound seniors and 18 more at the center each day. Stamps says she doesn’t know how the citizens will be cared for if the funds are cut.

County Commissioner Kevin Spraggs said the Fiscal Court will discuss the budget extensively and some changes may be made. He said the pension crisis has created funding issues and doesn’t want the center to shut down.