Marshall Co. Superintendent Details High School Safety Measures, Plans

Mar 16, 2018

Credit Nicole Erwin, WKMS

The superintendent of Marshall County Schools released on Friday a list of school security measures now in place at Marshall County High School. 

Trent Lovett said staff has been trained to conduct metal detector and bag checks. He said the Sheriff’s Office is providing a “strong law enforcement presence” on campus and says the board has hired eleven employees to patrol school grounds.

Lovett said the board is “seriously exploring” metal detectors and x-ray machines as a future possibility.

The school is seeking funds for a major security camera overhaul, improved doors with electronic safety features and additional staff, including mental health counselors.

Parking lot monitors have been hired to make sure no student goes to their car in the middle of the school day. Eight of these monitors will be present on campus at any time during the school day.

The board has also limited the number of entrances to the school’s main building. Lovett said only one door is open when classes begin and that it is under constant surveillance.

Lovett said the board also hopes to fund upgrades for other district schools.

The high school has an anonymous text message tip line for students to report safety concerns, threats and bullying. Lovett said the tip line has been in place since before the shooting.

Two students were killed in a shooting at Marshall County High School in January. A student is charged with murder and assault for bringing a semi-automatic handgun to school and opening fire on classmates in the commons area.