Marshall County Tourists Generate More Than $157M In Taxes In 2017

Jun 14, 2018

Credit Kentucky Lake Convention and Tourism Bureau

Tourist spending in Marshall County increased by nearly five percent in 2017.

According to the Kentucky Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau, Marshall County generated over $157 million and supported around 2,700 jobs related to the tourism industry. Executive Director Randy Newcomb says Marshall ranks as one of the top counties in the state in tourism alongside Jefferson and Fayette.

“We’re the only county, I guess you’d consider that doesn’t have a metropolitan-type city in it that’s in the top 15,” Newcomb said.

According to the tourism bureau the extra funds prevented Marshall County households from spending an additional $1,311 in state and local taxes. Marshall saw a 4.7 percent increase in tourist dollars in 2017, contributing more than $14 million dollars in state revenue.