Murray-Calloway Wellness Consortium Launches County-wide Health Assessment

Nov 11, 2013


The Murray-Calloway Wellness Consortium has partnered with the Murray-Calloway County Hospital and the Calloway County Public Health Department to start a community-wide health assessment to identify and address the county's healthcare needs. 

Part of the assessment includes an anonymous 14-question survey consisting of a range of health issues including nutrition, exercise and general health insurance information. 

President/CEO of the Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce Aaron Dail is working with the consortium and said identifying the community’s health needs and weaknesses is the first step in understanding how to improve county and business health programs. 

“This has impacts across all different types of industries, sectors and people," said Dail. "Now the health department and the rest of the wellness consortium can take that data and then formulate opportunities and plans and hopefully encourage some impact long-term for the community.”

He said knowing where weaknesses lie in the community is the first step towards adjusting health programs to fix those needs.    

“Is it substance abuse, is it obesity, or other health issues or concerns that people are having? Finding out those details is more to just get that baseline understanding of community health concerns and needs from the everyday person who has a job or lives in Murray and Calloway County and wants to have a healthy family.”

Dail said citizens can complete the health survey in paper form, available at numerous businesses, or online.  Dail said the optimal goal number for returned surveys is 1,201, which will give the county enough varied data to form an informative picture of the county's health needs. 

Murray Calloway County Hospital officials said the Affordable Care Act requires hospitals and health departments  to conduct the health needs assessment every three years and  develop a  benefits plan in response to the findings.

Citizens have until November 22nd to complete the survey.