Murray Police Offers Citizens Academy, Starts Monday

Oct 2, 2014

Communications Supervisor Rick Harris kicks off the 2013 Academy
Credit Murray Police Department, Facebook

The Murray Police Department begins their eight-week Citizens Police Academy this Monday, giving members of the community insight into the realities behind everyday police work. Sergeant Dave Howe says often people get a perspective of the police from national media, television and movies, and that a lot of times it's not entirely accurate - especially in rural areas. He speaks with Kate Lochte on Sounds Good about the topics covered: from crime scene investigation to the court room procedure, to how to protect yourself in your home.

Murray Police Department's Sergeant Dave Howe says the Citizens Police Academy is a rewarding experience for those on the law enforcement side because it gives officers an opportunity to interact with the public in a positive way. Because police work is so often scrutinized in news coverage, what it's like day to day - especially in rural areas - is quite different. While Sgt. Howe acknowledges that in certain areas of the country degrees of militarization have become an issue, he says much of what goes on in Murray still adheres to that 'Norman Rockwell' ideal, in that they still walk school children across the street twice a day, as an example. 

Each week in the Academy, a subject area expert gives a presentation. Class sizes typically range from 10 to 23 people, so there are opportunities to meet and interact with the officers. Meetings are Mondays at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall and typically last two hours. Those interested over 21, who live or work in Murray, can apply online. A brief background check follows. The Academy is free.

Schedule from Murray Police Department Website:

  • Week 1:    Monday, October 6th                 Introduction and 911 Communications 
  • Week 2:    Monday, October 13th               Introduction to Police Work
  • Week 3:    Monday, October 20th              Narcotics Investigations
  • Week 4:    Monday, October 27th              Crime Scene Investigation
  • Week 5:    Monday, November 3rd            Traffic Operations/Polygraph
  • Week 6:    Monday, November 10th          Jail Tour and Procedure 
  • Week 7:    Monday, November 17th          Court Room Procedure
                       Saturday, November 22nd       Range Day/K9 Demonstration (optional)
  • Week 8:    Monday, November 24th         Use of Force/Graduation

More about the Citizens Police Academy

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