Murray State Alum Reaches Endowment Goal for Students with Autism Scholarship

Feb 10, 2017

Credit MSU photo

A Murray State University alumnus and Marshall County native recently reached his goal of $25,000 toward a scholarship for students on the autism spectrum.

Ray Chumbler IV is the founder of the Ray For Autism Scholarship Endowment, which allows students diagnosed with disorders such as Asperger’s and pervasive development to receive a scholarship to attend MSU. Chumbler was diagnosed with autism at age 13 and hopes to influence others affected by the disorder.

“Just shows that autistic people can go to college and be successful there. I’m just so grateful, so much gratitude there for everyone that has poured support into it,” says Chumbler.


Chumbler says when he first enrolled, there were no scholarships available for autistic students. The scholarship fund has now surpassed the $25,000 endowment level after two years and will be open for students to apply for in the fall.