Murray State Considering Health Services Proposal with Local Urgent Care Center

Jun 8, 2018

Credit ALEXANDER KORZH, 123rf stock photos

Murray State University is negotiating an agreement with an urgent care center in Murray to provide health services on campus. 

University officials outlined to the Board of Regents on Friday a proposal involving Fast Pace Urgent Care to locate in the current health services space and operate at virtually no cost to MSU.

The center would provide an on-campus service for students, faculty and staff a registered nurse that is connected via audio-video with a nurse practitioner or physician. Should treatment be needed beyond the R-N’s capabilities, the client could go to the location near campus on the same day at no additional cost.

Services would require insurance or an out-of-pocket fee. Fast Pace said visits cost $85 dollars with no additional cost for in-house lab work such as x-rays. Lab work sent away, such as blood work, typically ranges between $5 to 10.

Murray State decided to outsource health service as a cost-saving measure. The budget approved on Friday contains no funding for health services on campus.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Jackie Dudley and Vice President of Student Affairs Don Robertson said the university had issued RFPs for health services, but the effort produced no viable bids.

They said the space on campus would be leased to the center, which would be responsible for cleaning. The university would provide utilities, but the center would have their own internet and telephone system.

Students, faculty and staff could still choose to use other health services in town.

The service could be in place by the end of July.