Murray State Names Three-Week-Old Colt

Apr 17, 2018

Credit Murray State University Equine Center via Facebook

Murray State University students have chosen ‘Royal Ladies Man M-S-U’ as the name for the three-week-old colt at the university Equine Center.

Barn Manager Alysia Conner recently announced that the foal’s barn name is Lincoln. ‘Royal Ladies Man M-S-U’ will be his registered name should it be accepted in an inspection process in August.

Equine science professor Calyn Colston says the registered name will appear on his paperwork, but says he will be called by his barn name, Lincoln.

The registered name had to start with an ‘R’ after his sire, Royal Appearance. Lady Cathargo birthed the colt three weeks ago. Photos of the new Racer have garnered significant attention on social media.