Murray State Projects Authorized - But Not Funded - in Bevin's Budget

Feb 3, 2016

Credit WKMS

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed biennial budget authorizes a number of projects on the campus of Murray State University. These include an estimated $3 million upgrade to MSU’s campus network, the demolition of Woods Hall and the renovation of several buildings, including Regents and White residential colleges.

Murray State chief facilities officer David Burdette stresses that the projects’ inclusions in the budget are merely authorizations and that no state money has been allocated to any of these projects.

“We’ll probably take the rest of this semester to figure out both a combination of financing that’s going to drive or not drive a lot of these projects," Burdette said. "And then given all the other construction and projects we’ve got going, whether we can even start them.”

The authorized projects also include the installation of solar panels and/or geothermal power, repairs to the mold-stricken Biology Building and new seating in the CFSB Center. For the full list, click here. (Page 23)

Along with other state universities, Murray State faces a 9 percent appropriations cut beginning next fiscal year.