Murray State University Proposing Tuition Change, Charge Per Credit Hour

Nov 11, 2015

First-time students at Murray State University may start paying per credit hour next fall.

Currently, credits above 12 hours are free.  But, a proposed change in MSU’s tution model will have students pay 50 percent of the normal charge for each credit hour over 15 hours. MSU will also replace its web premium with a charge up to $75 per online credit hour in addition to the regular charge. MSU Vice President for Marketing and Outreach Adrienne King said this should make web courses more affordable.  

President Bob Davies said the tuition hike is necessary to make up for a 28 percent decrease in state higher education funding over the past decade. Davies also said the new tuition proposal is necessary to fund a more aggressive scholarship program. King said the new scholarship program will cover percentages of tuition, rather than provide a certain dollar amount, to allow scholarships to keep up with tuition increases.

The changes do not affect current students. The new tuition model has to be approved by the Board of Regents before being submitted to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.