Paducah Photographer Raises Money for Asian Carp Documentary

Nov 6, 2013

Credit Darkwater Documentary, Facebook
During Sounds Good today, we met Paducah photographer Glenn Hall who has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to assist in night filming a documentary about the invasion of Asian carp in area waters, a project Hall's been working on since the floods of 2011. See more about the documentary on Indiegogo

 More than a year of conversations, interviews and first-hand encounters on the river waters have allowed photographer, Glenn Hall, and his creative team a unique insight into the lives of the people who spend their lives on the rivers and reservoirs, making their living from the fishing industry. They are working on a documentary focused on the problem of Asian Carp in Western Kentucky. There isn't a lot of information out on the subject at the moment and Glenn and his crew are working to change that through a documentary they are working on, DarkWater. DarkWater celebrates the lives of commercial fishing families and the history of this region. “We were working on another project during the flood of 2011 when I found out that these fisherman were here and working. I was fascinated,” Glenn says. “There is very little written on the subject in our area so I’ve actively met with these guys over the course of a year to understand the problems faced in the commercial fishing industry.” Glenn recently launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help cover the costs of producing such an important documentary, a documentary that shares the untold story of the lives of the people on the river who are affected by the invasion of Asian Carp. Every penny helps so if you want to make this project a reality for Western Kentucky send them some cash through this campaign.