'Stand For Kentucky' Event in Frankfort Sparks Paducah Rally

Feb 7, 2017

Dolly McNutt Memorial Plaza
Credit paducahky.gov

Paducah residents are holding a rally in front of Paducah City Hall Tuesday called ‘Paducah Stands for Kentucky.’ 

According to the Facebook event page, the rally aims to “stand in solidarity to protest racism, bigotry and hatred.”

Lead organizer Eliza Purcell says she wants to help people ‘put names to faces’ in their community. “With everything that has been going on, I think people feel alone. I want people to know that most of the people in Paducah don’t want them to feel alone... don’t want them to feel shut out.”

The event is inspired by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth’s “Stand For Kentucky” event Tuesday in Frankfort.

The Paducah rally is at 5:30 in the Dolly McNutt Plaza.