WKMS News Documentary "Veep: The Life and Times of Alben Barkley"

May 18, 2016

Credit VEEP Doc Button Logo, WKMS

In the latest installment of the WKMS documentary series focusing on regional history and culture, VEEP: The Life and Times of Alben Barkley, producer Todd Hatton goes beyond Kentuckian Alben Barkley’s biography to offer listeners a look at the “Veep’s” profound accomplishments and life behind the scenes. 

Veep premieres this Friday, May 20 at noon and re-airs Sunday, May 22 at 9 a.m.

People who live in this region are familiar with Barkley Dam, Lake Barkley and Barkley Regional Airport. But being such a part of the scenery has, in a way, uncoupled Barkley’s name from his legacy. We know the “who” while losing the “why.”

Alben Barkley was a lawyer and politician from Kentucky who served in both houses of Congress and as the 35th Vice President of the United States under President Harry S. Truman. Barkley was spokesman and architect for the New Deal, redefined the U.S. Vice Presidency and helped birth modern America, ever-mindful of who he was and where he came from.

He made his mark on this nation by believing in its citizens and the government they built despite the politics. In the one-hour documentary you’ll hear about the politics and you’ll also hear Todd Hatton’s research reflecting remembrances of Barkley’s personality and penchant for storytelling.

After the broadcast of the documentary the station will offer Veep on demand online.

Hatton also presents a talk on “The Veep” Thursday, May 26 at the McCracken County Public Library’s Evenings Upstairs event at 7 p.m.