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Rabbi Pamela Barmash on Finding Religious Commonalities

Washington University

Degrees from Yale, the Jewish Theological Seminary and Harvard are Rabbi Pamela Barmash's academic credentials as a professor of Hebrew Bible at Washington University in St. Louis. Barmash speaks at 4 PM Thursday, February 27 in Freed Curd Auditorium for the 2014 Social Work Lecture Series. She was a fellow at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. She is on the Committee of Jewish Law and Standards for Conservative Judaism and has served as Rabbi for a Massachusetts Temple. Kate Lochte speaks with Rabbi Barmash ahead of her presentation.

"We'll never be a perfect world, but it is our duty and our right and, in fact, our hope that we can perfect relations between people and improve our society... And as things become easy for us to communicate with those far away, we are distancing ourselves from the people who are closest to us. So, in order to counteract that, we've become more aware of being compassionate towards others, thinking about the consequences of our actions, veering more open to religious diversity, sexual diversity, cultural diversity in a way that was not the case 50 years ago or 75 years ago or even 25 years ago."

Rabbi Pamela Barmash is the guest presenter for the 2014 Social Work Lecture Series on Religious Diversity at Murray State University. She speaks at 4 PM Thursday, February 27 in the Freed Curd Auditorium of the Collins Center for Industry and Technology, and the lecture is open for all, with a reception following.

More on Rabbi Barmash from Washington University.

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