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New Law Passed on Poker Runs in Illinois

Wikimedia Commons

Charity Poker Runs are now under the control of local county governments in Illinois. The law simplifies the permitting process and reduces the fee for charity poker runs to a maximum of 25-dollars.  

Pokers Runs typically involve five pre-determined stops where participants on some sort of vehicle, often motorcycle, draw a playing card or a colored marble in an effort to build a winning poker hand. Governor Pat Quinn signed the Poker Runs law Tuesday at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Marion.  

“It makes sure poker runs can be organized because they help so many people,” Quinn said. “Folks who through no fault of their own had no money to pay for a hospital bills. Same way with food pantries.”

Previous Poker Runs were regulated under the state’s charitable games act and a single permit could cost as much as 600-dollars.  Now they will be treated like a raffle.

Pokers Runs are common throughout the state.  State Senator Gary Forby of Benton says as many as 10-poker runs occur each week in southern Illinois.

“They give anywhere from 2 to 20 thousand dollars apiece each poker run,” Forby said. “What people are doing is giving back to someone who really needs it.”

The law takes effect immediately.

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