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Kentucky Autism Training Center Neurologist Comes to Lourdes Hospital


Pediatric neurologist Dr. Gregory Barnes from the Commission for Children with Special Healthcare Needs in Louisville is opening the Office of Autism in Kentucky, a statewide and regional office providing support for families and caregivers by coordinating resources, and giving referrals -  local points of contact - of specific physicians such as pediatric developmental doctors. Crissy Ramey of Families on the Spectrum comes back to Sounds Good to tell us about the meeting at Lourdes tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 22), welcoming Dr. Barnes to Paducah.

The meeting will be held in Lourdes Hospital Garden Room (on the ground floor next to the cafeteria) from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Dr. Barnes will be the keynote guest at the meeting, which will also welcome pediatrician Dr. John Roach, pediatrician Dr. Jeffery Mudd, Katie Englert of Compass Counseling, Dr. Becky Nastally of Bloom Behavior Therapy, and Michelle from the Commission for Children with Special Healthcare Needs. 

A one-stop shop, this meeting hopes to cover anything that could be relevant to your child receiving physician or therapy services. 

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy is a hands-on, face to face, personal approach to therapy with kids with autism, brings learning to their level, giving them the opportunity to be able to succeeed by providing choices between two things they can do (rather than one difficult challenge) to encourage constant positive rewards while teaching new behaviors and skills. Legislative loopholes that circumvent ABA availability by healthcare companies and Medicaid are closing across the country. 

ABA Kentucky Board 

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