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Influenza or Common Cold?

Baptist Health Paducah, Facebook
Baptist Health Paducah, Facebook

A western Kentucky hospital is encouraging people to take precaution due to the ‘widespread’ outbreak of flu. Last week, Kentucky Department of Health warned of an increase in flu-like activity in at least half of the state.

Influenza can spread easily due to symptoms often being confused with the common cold. Baptist Health Paducah Medical Director David Saxon says although common cold and flu share a number of symptoms, they are more progressive in influenza.

“They’re just more severe and they get severe quickly, like usually within the first 24 hours severe body aches, weak, some headaches, scratchy throat, cough, drainage, fever can be much higher like 102 or 103,” says Saxon.

Saxon says Baptist Health has recently treated “quite a few” patients with Influenza A and one case of Influenza B. Prevention measures include hand washing with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds, disinfecting areas in your home, using tissues only once and getting a flu shot.



Ebony Clark is a student at Murray State University majoring in computer science. She was born in Brownsville, Tennessee. Ebony has served as a reporter for 4-H congress in Nashville, TN where she spoke with several state leaders and congressmen. Ebony enjoys writing poetry and spoken word and competed in Tennessee's Poetry Out Loud competition hosted by the arts council in Nashville,TN.
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