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McCracken County Sheriff Candidate to Focus on Pension and Drug Issues

via Matt Carter For Sheriff, Facebook

McCracken County Sheriff candidate Matt Carter anticipates potential challenges facing the elected position.

When asked about the concerns he has for the country, Carter brought up the fighting the war against drugs waging in west Kentucky. According to the 2016 Overdose Fatality report, McCracken County has the highest number of drug related deaths in the region. Carter said his experience working in the drug unit lead to his belief that a vast majority of crimes are connected to these addictions.


“That addiction is having to be funded and not having the means to fund that addiction a lot of times that criminal element will result to other criminal acts to fulfill that financial burden that they are lacking,” said Carter.


Carter is also concerned about the state’s pension system and how it will present challenges for new and current officers. Carter said the uncertainty created by the system has contributed to decisions for early retirement. He also said the issue’s impact is statewide, possibly affecting the ability for agencies to hire and retain good quality officers.


“You know it may take several years to get good well-trained, well-rounded officers. And of course some of your officers that are near retirement, those are your most seasoned and experienced officers. So this pension scare certainly is going to be a challenge,” said Carter.


Current Sheriff Jon Hayden has said he will not seek another term and has endorsed the captain as a potential successor. Carter said he has gained experience in nearly every position in the Sheriff’s Office over the past seventeen years. He currently serves as Operations Captain.


For more information regarding Captain Matt Carter’s candidacy, visit his site here.


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