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Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has ordered an independent review of the state's child welfare agency and nominated a new director.

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Kentucky lawmakers are one step away from finishing work on a bill to fine-tune last year's overhaul of the state's child welfare system.

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Half a year after terminating Kentucky's "adoption czar," Gov. Matt Bevin has selected a couple with 10 children to help improve the state's overwhelmed child welfare system.



  A new pilot project in some Kentucky counties will give the public a window into the child welfare system.  For the first time in state history, some child protection cases will be open to the public under a four-year pilot project. 

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  The Kentucky House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a bill that overhauls the state's struggling child welfare system.

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A legislative committee has approved a Southern Baptist professor's $250,000 state contract to review Kentucky's troubled child welfare system. 

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Kentucky's Republican governor wants to overhaul the state's troubled child-welfare system.

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Legislation headed to Governor Matt Bevin’s desk will open to the public a small number of Kentucky courts handling child welfare cases. 

Kentucky CASA Lobbies for State Funding

Mar 29, 2016
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A Kentucky child advocacy group says it’s fighting to receive state funding for the first time as legislators work to hammer out a budget.

The Court Appointed Children’s Advocates program uses judge-approved volunteers in child abuse or neglect cases to make recommendations on the victim’s behalf. 

Governor Steve Beshear signed a bill giving broader investigative powers to a state panel that reviews serious cases of child abuse and neglect in the Commonwealth.