City of Mayfield

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is offering Mayfield residents an opportunity to make their voices heard on transportation needs in the city.

Mayfield Police Department



The Mayfield Police Department, taking part in National Police Memorial Week, honored its officers who died in the line of duty with wreath presentation ceremonies.

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  Hemp company GenCanna owes construction and engineering companies more than $13 million dollars in unpaid labor and materials to build a hemp processing plant in Graves County, according to liens filed in the Graves County Clerk's Office.

15 construction companies have filed liens against Gencanna over the past month, stating they haven’t been paid for labor or materials in building the Mayfield plant. These debt claims range up to over $3 million dollars.


 The Mayfield City Council has approved an ordinance that would allow stand-alone bars in the city.  


Previous city law required stores and restaurants to derive only 30 percent of their sales from alcohol. The new ordinance, approved 8-1 at a meeting on Monday, eliminates this limit and allows for alcohol sales on Sundays beginning at noon. 


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Mayfield’s City Council voted Monday night 8 to 1 in favor of an ordinance to allow stand-alone bars to operate.

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  A grant-funded project launched in 2017 to build a paved bike path through Mayfield is being changed to have bikes share lanes on some city roads along segments of the bikeway.

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  Mayfield celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday night at First Lutheran Church with singing, speeches, and the announcement that a defunct, decade-old local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the oldest civil rights organization in America, would be revived in their community.


The former president of the chapter, Virginia Langford, announced for the first time they have the needed 50 members to restart after years of effort to bring the group back.


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Kathy O’Nan will be the next mayor of Mayfield. O’Nan faced Steven Elder in the midterm election and won by 94 votes.

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Graves County Public Schools superintendent Kim Dublin said the City of Mayfield’s annexation of some of the school district’s property is ‘taxation without representation.’ Dublin held a press conference on Friday to clear up what the board said is a ‘miscommunication’ regarding pending legal issues with the city.