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Commonwealth of Kentucky

The Kentucky House has passed its version of a new two-year state budget. 


Kentucky lawmakers return to Frankfort for the final day of this year’s legislative session on Thursday and will have to decide whether to override vetoes made by Gov. Matt Bevin and pass any bills at the last minute.


Leaders of the Kentucky legislature have proposed revising the state’s tax code, cutting $105 million in state revenue largely by changing how local banks get taxed.


A bill that would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected has almost passed out of the Kentucky legislature.

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The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling for Republican state Reps. Jeff Hoover and Michael Meredith to resign in the wake of an investigation published Tuesday detailing testimony by a former staffer alleging sexual harassment by the lawmakers.

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Attorney General Andy Beshear’s office is reviewing a new emergency regulationr ecently enacted by Governor Matt Bevin impacting public access to state buildings and facilities. The new rules require those wanting to assemble at a state building to submit an application ten days in advance of the event.

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State Senator Danny Carroll is pulling controversial legislation that opponents criticize will restrict public records access in Kentucky, and plans to replace it with a revised version.

Republican State Senator Danny Carroll of Paducah proposed legislation in mid-December that would hold public records custodians personally liable and open to fines if private information is released in records. The bill would also force records requesters to pay potential lawsuit fines if a request is found to be “frivolous.”

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A little less than 24 hours after Gov. Matt Bevin summoned lawmakers to Frankfort to make changes to the state’s pension systems, the legislature voted to end the special session.

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Travis Brenda, a high school math teacher in Kentucky, was pleased when the state Supreme Court struck down a law that would have made changes to his pension.

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As lawmakers continue to navigate Gov. Matt Bevin’s surprise special legislative session, Republican leaders of the legislature might double-down on the same pension bill that was struck down by the Kentucky Supreme Court last week.