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Ryland Barton / WFPL

A bill that would penalize law enforcement agencies that fail to report how much cash and property they seize through asset forfeiture is moving through the state legislature.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the bill on Wednesday, despite concerns from law enforcement advocates that the legislation would bring undue financial and workload burdens on local agencies.

Commonwealth of Kentucky

The Kentucky House has approved a bill to loan the University of Louisville $35 million to support its acquisition of a health care system which includes a hospital. 

Legislative Research Commission

Lawmakers are returning to Kentucky's Capitol to start a 60-day session that will be dominated by work on a new state budget. 

Official Portrait / Legislative Research Commission

A bill prefiled for the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2020 session would allow the children of military members to receive Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships even if they move due to a parent’s military transfer.

Sixth District State Representative Chris Freeland of Benton sponsored the bill after being approached by a military child who would benefit from the proposed legislation. He said the bill allows students to receive scholarship funding that he said is rightfully theirs.