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Murray State University will show multiple design options and ask for input on the restoration of J.H. Richmond Residential Hall on April 4.

The last year has been a productive one for many members of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at Murray State, as many faculty members have not only been active in publishing, but have also had exciting book projects as well. Today, Andy Black speaks with Josh Adair about his latest work, Defining Memory: Local Museums and the Construction of History in America’s Changing Communities.

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High school students interested in the creative arts will have no shortage of options to expand their horizons at Murray State University this summer.

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Entrepreneurs from across the region are invited to attend the Regional Entrepreneur Conference March 7 at the Hopkinsville Community College.

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Even though his actually birthday is not until March 2, the Calloway County Public Library will kick off the festivities for Dr. Seuss's birthday Wednesday.

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Peri Schwartz's father was a salesman.  His persistence and work ethic provided her with the outlook necessary to make it as an internationally-recognized artist.

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A Murray State University music professor will perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York City this month for the Distinguished Concerts International New York.

Murray State University

A recent Murray State University graduate is serving as a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Moldova beginning in June 2018.

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  A Murray State University student is looking to expand the local presence of an online magazine geared towards empowering young women.

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This story hits close to home for WKMS. We’ve been somewhat of a second home to a Murray State Student for the past two years who’s overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in her daily life. She had just one more hurdle before graduation.