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The spring 2021 semester is coming to a close, and Murray State University President Bob Jackson said lifting the outdoor mask mandate on campus is the first of many benchmarks in working toward a more ‘normal’ campus life for Fall 2021. During an interview with WKMS News, Jackson also detailed considerations for the potential tuition increase recently approved by the Murray State Board of Regents. 


A new pension bill has been drafted for Kentucky lawmakers to start reviewing ahead of a special legislative session aimed at helping some state-funded agencies struggling with ballooning retirement payments, Gov. Matt Bevin said Tuesday.

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Kentucky's House Minority Leader hopes if a special session on pensions is called there would be compromise and bipartisan agreement on the resulting bill.


When Gov. Matt Bevin vetoed the pension bill that passed out of the legislature last month, he promised to call lawmakers back to Frankfort to do it all over again in a special legislative session before July 1.

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Republican Kentucky state Senator Ralph Alvarado says a framework is underway for a new pension bill after Governor Matt Bevin vetoed one earlier this month.

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The Murray State Board of Regents will need to decide whether or not to opt out of the Kentucky Employee Retirement System by the end of the year if Governor Matt Bevin signs House Bill 358.

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When the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence joined the state's pension system in the early 2000s, it had to set aside roughly 6 percent of each employee's salary for the retirement plan.


Gov. Matt Bevin on Tuesday criticized lawmakers for not passing a bill to address the state’s ailing pension systems and also accused them of not reading legislation before voting.

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Travis Brenda, a high school math teacher in Kentucky, was pleased when the state Supreme Court struck down a law that would have made changes to his pension.

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As lawmakers continue to navigate Gov. Matt Bevin’s surprise special legislative session, Republican leaders of the legislature might double-down on the same pension bill that was struck down by the Kentucky Supreme Court last week.