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Rep. Eddie Mannis, R-Knoxville, has warned his House colleagues that a ban on transgender athletes could have a tremendous impact on LGBT kids.

They were hailed as the first Black students to integrate public schools in Tennessee, in 1955. But until recently, the brave acts of the students, known as the Oak Ridge 85, were relatively forgotten. That started to change last year – and now the local school board is moving to add the history of the Oak Ridge 85 to its classrooms' curriculum.

Jared Stacy is still processing his decision to leave Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Va., last year. Until November, he was ministering to young parishioners in their 20s and 30s.

But in the four years since he had joined the church as a pastor, Stacy had found himself increasingly up against an invisible, powerful force taking hold of members of his congregation: conspiracy theories, disinformation and lies.

Stacy has seen the real consequences of these lies build up over the years; he says it has tainted the name of his faith.

As roads begin to thaw this weekend, be on the lookout for icy patches and potholes.Credit Courtesy Tennessee Highway Patrol's Nashville DistrictEdit | Remove

After nearly a week of freezing temperatures, Middle Tennessee will start to thaw on Saturday. Meteorologist Matt Reagan with the National Weather Service in Nashville says a warming trend will help people get back on the roads soon.

Many Texans who faced days of near-freezing temperatures without electricity to keep warm were breathing a sigh of relief Friday as the lights and heat came back on. But millions are still without water, and the state's governor is warning that the crisis isn't over.

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As the region wakes up to a wintry mix of snow and ice, forecasters warn that the worst of the storm is yet to come, bringing 1 to 3 inches of snow in Nashville and up to 5 inches around Clarksville.

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  At least four Tennessee men are among the 73 people pardoned by President Donald Trump during the final hours of his term.

The riot at the Capitol appeared to be almost all chaos and anarchy. But as private researchers and ordinary individuals scrutinized online video and photos, they identified some of those who took part and assisted law enforcement.

John Scott-Railton from Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto focused on individuals who seemed to have a real purpose amid the mob — like two men who were spotted with plastic handcuffs that could be used to detain people or take them hostage.

Tennessee Lawmakers Hold Prayer Rally In Support Of Trump

Jan 6, 2021
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Two Tennessee lawmakers have held a prayer rally timed to coincide with a protest in the nation’s Capitol in support of President Donald Trump.

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Several phone lines for emergency response agencies are down this afternoon. AT&T confirmed the outages affecting customers, including emergency response agencies, are linked to the explosion in downtown Nashville earlier today.