It's a busy time for the tomato-producing farms in eastern Tennessee. Farms have staffed up with hundreds of workers, most of whom are Latino. Some live locally. Others are migrant workers who travel from farm to farm, chasing the summer growing seasons. Still others come from Mexico or Central America on temporary agricultural visas to work at certain farms.

But, this year, the season is taking place under a cloud of coronavirus worries that, for these agricultural workers, hit close to home.

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Not only will Tennessee now track the cases of COVID-19 in schools across the state, but it is expected to make the information public.

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  Black Lives Matter protests have sparked conversations nationwide about the role of race in policing. Now, the Tennessee Supreme Court is taking those conversations one step further — to what happens after someone has already been arrested.


Democrats in Tennessee are starting to choose their nominee for the U.S. Senate.

This time around, three relatively inexperienced candidates are the top contenders for the seat, even when it will be an uphill battle.


Tennessee has launched a campaign to help counties recruit poll workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. About 3,000 have signed up through this initiative. Many of them are teenagers.

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A Tennessee man who is scheduled for execution this December is asking the state to give him one more chance to prove his innocence.

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  A Tennessee county mayor has taken to Facebook to tell “native americans crying about Mount Rushmore” to “shut up” and say he would never place the “absurd requirement of wearing masks” on citizens. 

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Tennessee’s newest restriction on abortions saw two major — and opposing — developments Monday.

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Tennessee officials say state revenues came up $12.5 million short of projections in June amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has signed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country and a federal judge quickly blocked the measure that includes a ban as early as six weeks into the pregnancy.