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Tennessee's attorney general wants a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit over a new law that allows fines and potentially jail time for voter registration workers who don't follow new rules.

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Tennessee is facing another challenge of its new law that would fine and potentially jail voter registration workers who don't follow new rules. 


More than 1,000 Nashville public school teachers were absent on Friday, but no one seemed to be taking credit for an action the school district called a "'sick out' demonstration designed to bring awareness to teacher pay."


A Tennessee man suspected of killing his parents and five others was close to being arrested for probation violations.

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Gov. Bill Lee will decide whether Tennessee will ban the use of handheld electronic devices, including cellphones, while driving.

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A split between the Tennessee House and Senate on a high-profile school voucher bill has forced both chambers to designate negotiators to come up with a compromise.

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Amid pressure, Amazon has joined a growing list of big companies telling Tennessee lawmakers to avoid bills that negatively impact LGBT people.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday declared it was a "historic day" after the Republican's voucher-like bill advanced out of the Senate despite being drastically scaled back and directly at odds with the House version of his legislation.

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Cotton producers in Tennessee have decided to continue a program that prevents the destructive boll weevil insect from reintroduction in the state.

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Businesses and government officials in west Tennessee are making a concerted effort to bolster tourism in the region through capitalizing on assets like Reelfoot Lake and Discovery Park of America to promoting on-farm experiences and outdoor sports. The Discovery Park of America and Obion County Chamber of Commerce hosted a tourism summit this week, with the new Tennessee Commissioner of Tourist Development, Mark Ezell.