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Tennessee election officials have adjusted the rules for how some first-time voters seeking to vote by mail can provide identifying documents in response to a court ruling. 

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Tennesseans are running out of time to register to vote in the Nov. 3 general election. 


Officials say Tennessee accidentally listed 13 pallets of coronavirus testing materials and other supplies on an auction site. 

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Tennessee officials aren't revealing exactly which businesses received more than $170 million in relief funds because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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  Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett’s office announced the 2020 Student Mock Election is now open. According to a press release, the goal of the event is allowing students a voice in the upcoming election while learning about the electoral process.


  Tennessee will funnel $300,000 of federal coronavirus relief dollars to help cover the cost of 90 additional police cadet scholarships as part of Gov. Bill Lee’s initiative to strengthen policing.

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Tennessee's secretary of state and Department of Health are working together to give away hangtags to remind people not to leave a child inside a parked car and to provide a simple way to register to vote. 

It's a busy time for the tomato-producing farms in eastern Tennessee. Farms have staffed up with hundreds of workers, most of whom are Latino. Some live locally. Others are migrant workers who travel from farm to farm, chasing the summer growing seasons. Still others come from Mexico or Central America on temporary agricultural visas to work at certain farms.

But, this year, the season is taking place under a cloud of coronavirus worries that, for these agricultural workers, hit close to home.

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Not only will Tennessee now track the cases of COVID-19 in schools across the state, but it is expected to make the information public.

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  Black Lives Matter protests have sparked conversations nationwide about the role of race in policing. Now, the Tennessee Supreme Court is taking those conversations one step further — to what happens after someone has already been arrested.