Tennessee Judge Rules School Voucher Program Is Illegal

May 5, 2020
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A Tennessee judge says the state’s much-debated school voucher program is illegal and cannot be implemented, despite education officials receiving thousands of applications from parents hoping to use public tax dollars on private schooling tuition.


Tennessee officials have finally released more detailed information surrounding confirmed cases and COVID-19 related deaths in its long-term care facilities.

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Applicants for the Tennessee bar exam will have an additional opportunity to take the test this year. 

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Tennessee is offering free child care to essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Tennessee corrections officials are looking into whether to test all state inmates for the new coronavirus after positive tests have come back for staffers and inmates.

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Tennessee’s top health officials have released some data relating to the occurrence of coronavirus cases at the state’s nursing homes.

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An attorney says her team has lost “critical time” in representing a Tennessee death row inmate slated for execution in June due to the new coronavirus and restrictions in place to curb its spread.

Top Tennessee officials say nearly $20 million in broadband accessibility grants have been awarded to help support nearly 31,000 underserved residents. 

  NASHVILLE — When Jose Cojom’s house collapsed around his family in a tornado that struck after midnight, he knew his life was going to get much harder. But that was just the beginning. A few weeks later, the restaurant where he cooks closed its doors because of the coronavirus

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An outbreak of the new coronavirus at a Tennessee nursing home has forced the facility to be temporarily closed for cleaning with dozens of residents and staff members sent into quarantine, Gov. Bill Lee’s office and a hospital said Sunday night.