Tennessee lawmakers are appealing a judge's dismissal of their lawsuit against the federal government over the refugee resettlement program.

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Republican candidates for Tennessee governor said Wednesday that Memphis did not do the right thing when it removed statues of Confederate-era leaders from city parks last year.

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The Republican-dominated House in Tennessee voted Tuesday to punish the city of Memphis for removing Confederate monuments by taking $250,000 away from the city that would have been used for a bicentennial celebration next year.

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The Tennessee House passed a $37.5 billion budget, but only after arguments over whether to take money away from the city of Memphis as punishment for removing Confederate Statues last year.

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One of the lead sponsors of a medical marijuana bill in Tennessee has withdrawn the measure after telling lawmakers that the legislation has been so watered down that passing it would actually be more harmful, especially to patients.

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A move to allow liquor sales on Sunday in Tennessee is gaining momentum in the state Legislature.

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A bill that would arm some school teachers in Tennessee failed Tuesday after heated debate from state lawmakers, including several Republican gun rights advocates.

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The federal Medicaid leader has declined to say whether imposing work requirements on certain beneficiaries is better suited for states that expanded Medicaid than those that didn't, saying her agency is assessing state proposals case-by-case.

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A medical marijuana bill has cleared another panel despite opposition from law enforcement, state health officials and Republican Gov. Bill Haslam.

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Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has proposed $30.2 million to improve school safety.