Tracy Ross

Program Director, Host of Sounds Good and Beyond the Edge

Tracy started working for WKMS in 1994 while attending Murray State University. After receiving his Bachelors and Masters degrees from MSU he was hired as Operations/Web/Sports Director in 2000. Tracy hosted All Things Considered from 2004-2012 and has served as host/producer of several music shows including Cafe Jazz, and Jazz Horizons. In 2001, Tracy revived Beyond The Edge, a legacy alternative music program that had been on hiatus for several years. Tracy was named Program Director in 2011 and created the midday music and conversation program Sounds Good in 2012 which he hosts Monday-Thursday. Tracy lives in Murray with his wife, son and daughter.  

Ways to Connect

Thomas Dean Stewart,

   Aptly named after a hybrid of The Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Leonard the Band is known for mashing sounds and styles into one unique rock n' roll experience. The Metropolis, IL band will be visiting Sounds Good prior to their album release show at Maiden Alley Cinema next week.

  The MSU Opera Workshop ensemble is performing their annual Spring production this weekend, featuring two Menotti shows ranging from heart-warming to bone-chilling. Cast members Julie Knight, Emma Whitt, and Melanie Davis visit Sounds Good to discuss their upcoming performance.

   The Tennessee Valley area is rich with wildlife, nature, and sites of historical and archeological significance. To keep these areas in good condition, the Tennessee Valley Authority founded an outreach program that allows members of the community to aid in the preservation of these public lands.

  For the first time in years, Playhouse in the Park will be presenting a staged reading of a new play by Christopher Poor. The play is a psychological horror story, which is emphasized by its stark production. Playwright, Christopher Poor, visits Sounds Good to discuss the inspiration for this thriller. 

Roman Pohorecki/

 New research suggests drivers are as impaired as they are by cellular usage as they would be after spending a night out at the bar. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss why driving distractedly is just as dangerous as driving drunk.

    Constance Alexander is a prolific poet, author, and businesswoman. In March/April of 2017, she was the featured artist of the Kentucky Arts Council. In honor of National Poetry Month, she visits Sounds Good to recite poetry minutes and discuss upcoming NPM events.

      The Golden Pond Planetarium, located in Land Between the Lakes adjacent to the visitor center, has been open since 1979. Dr. Jim Gould, an advisor for Friends of Land Between the Lakes, visits Sounds Good to discuss the many different educational opportunities the planetarium offers the Western KY community. 

       Santa Ana, California based band, Pope Paul & The Illegals, utilize several facets of Americana rock n' roll, including rockabilly, swing, honky-tonk and blues. The band will be visiting Sounds Good for a live performance on Tuesday, April 3rd. 

A sudden shift in the Earth's rotation wreaks havoc over the globe as days and nights grow longer, gravity is affected, and the environment is thrown into disarray. Author of Age of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker, visits Sounds Good to discuss her novel about coming of age against the backdrop of an utterly altered world. 

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