Good Read: Fever Dream by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Jun 26, 2012

Product Description:

Yesterday, Special Agent Pendergast still mourned the loss of his beloved wife, Helen, who died in a tragic accident in Africa twelve years ago. Today, he discovers she was murdered. Tomorrow, he will learn her most guarded secrets, leaving him to wonder: Who was the woman I married? Why was she murdered? And, above all… Who murdered her? Fever Dream. Revenge is not sweet: It is essential.

David Weatherly says:

“I just finished up Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s latest, “Fever Dream”. It’s one of their Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast novels and concerns the agent’s deceased wife who was mauled by a lion while they were on a hunt in Africa. 12 years later Pendergast finds that the mauling was not an accident and enlists the help of his NYPD pal Lt. Vincent D’Agosta to break ranks with NYC and come down south to find the true motive behind her death. The novel gets the pair outside of NYC and into the marshy bayous of New Orleans and surrounding towns on the coast. Preston and Child are masters of popular mysteries and add the dimension of the supernatural to their novels creating a nice mix of characterization and suspense. I would recommend starting with one of their earlier Pendergast novels if you’ve not read them before. “Relic” being the first. Another good place to begin would be with “Cabinet of Curiosities”.”

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