Grand Jury Indicts Graves Co. Jailer For Tasing Inmate

Jun 11, 2018

Jailer Randy Haley
Credit Graves County Jail

Graves County Jailer Randy Haley has been indicted for a Class C felony offense. The Grand Jury returned the indictment against Haley on Thursday.

Court documents state Haley intentionally caused physical injury to inmate James Stovall when he used a deadly weapon during an April 2017 incident. Commonwealth’s Attorney Dan Boaz confirmed the weapon used was a taser.

Haley is an elected official and will remain in office until found guilty. A Class C felony carries a 5 to 10 year prison sentence. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for June 22 in McCracken County. The case is under FBI investigation.

Haley recently won the Democratic primary and faces Republican George Workman in November.