Paducah Gets Closer To Possible "Blue Zone" Designation

Aug 28, 2017

Credit Pixabay

  The City of Paducah may soon become a designated “Blue Zone” placing greater emphasis on healthy eating and exercise.

The initiative comes from Tennessee-based health consulting group Healthways. The designation identifies how to improve community well-being and increase the longevity of residents.


BikeWorld owner Martha Emmons is a member of the group spearheading the initiative. She said a Blue Zone Paducah would mean easier access to healthy food. She said an example could be a grocery store that chooses to be a Blue Zone business by putting less junk food in the checkout aisle.


“Waiting there in the line while you are waiting to be checked out there are apples, bananas, trail mix, water… so you have more choices.” Emmons said.


Emmons says the initiative doesn’t impose mandates on citizens, but works to “sell the message” of healthier living.


The contract with Healthways would be signed by a local organization or business, which Emmons says is yet to be determined. The decision to sign the contract with Healthways is scheduled for October 1.