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New Historical KY smartphone app

A new smart-phone app offered by the Kentucky Historical Society allows tourists access to the history behind roadside markers.   The aim is the weave a historical story.  Sally Warfield, who’s a Digital Media Specialist with the Kentucky Historical Society, says the new app connects communities by demonstrating their shared history. 
“You can connect that story then to a larger story in the Commonwealth, because all of a sudden that historical marker is a pin that’s on the state of Kentucky on this map.  And you can click on that and you can click on one a couple of counties over,” said Warfield.
 The Kentucky Historical Society hopes to connect communities further with participation from local historical societies and Kentucky citizens.
“You can go through the Civil War, the War of 1812.  We’re going to start working locally with different counties and cities to create localized tours of their historical intent.   So you can start getting really great ideas of a story of place,” added Warfield.
The Explore KY History app is available through both Google Play and iTunes.

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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