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Artist Previews "Coming Dark" Gallery at MSU's Clara Eagle Gallery


Artist Bill Conger presents "Coming Dark - Selected Works 2004 through 2014" at Murray State's Clara Eagle Gallery, through March. Peoria-based artist Conger uses mixed media to craft minimalist and haunting work, recollecting themes of love, memory and time. Colin Nesbit, Executive Director of the Clara Eagle Gallery also joins the conversation about Conger's upcoming exhibit.

"Degrees of abstraction, as a concept, have propelled my work since I began. And I think, certainly, the past ten years, though the approaches have shifted and kind of meandered and come back to different things, they all do a similar thing, which is investigate a confluence of subject matter, material, text or verbage, and how we process those things."

Conger and Nesbit speak with Kate about Conger's artwork, how his style has evolved, and how Conger and Nesbit came to work together. Conger discusses how difficult, and interesting, it was for him to choose which pieces to showcase to properly display his evolution over the past ten years.

  See Bill Conger's work at his website.

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